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File Uploads

Uploading files is a common of part of applications and we need a way to support that.


const gqlFileUpload: CustomType = {
type: "GraphQLUpload",
importPath: "graphql-upload",
tsType: "FileUpload",
tsImportPath: "graphql-upload",

gqlFileUpload uses the graphql-upload package to support File Uploads. It's also a good example of CustomType usage.

Here's an example usage:

export class ImportGuestResolver {
@gqlMutation({ type: Event })
async importGuests(
@gqlContextType() context: RequestContext,
@gqlArg("eventID", { type: GraphQLID }) eventID: ID,
@gqlArg("file", { type: gqlFileUpload }) file: Promise<FileUpload>,
) {

leads to this schema:

type Mutation {
importGuests(eventID: ID!, file: Upload!): Event!

Note this requires to developer to manually run npm install graphql-upload to use this.