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Migration Guide

Ent v0.1 involves lots of breaking changes from v0.x.

Highlights are as follows:

  • schema files go from src/schema/foo.ts to src/schema/foo_schema.ts
  • new Schema API. instead of list of fields, we have mapping of fields.
// from
fields: [
StringType({name: 'foo'}),
IntegerType({name: 'bar'}),

// to
fields: {
foo: StringType(),
bar: IntegerType(),
  • update to GraphQL 16 which has different/breaking change API
  • more heavily TypeScript templated objects/fields/etc which means we have stronger typing across the board.
  • change privacy of ents from privacyPolicy to getPrivacyPolicy
  • change triggers, observers, validators to getTriggers, getObservers, getValidators
  • Foo.loadMany API changes from returning list to Map which is a breaking change
  • moving all generated files to src/ent/generated and src/graphql/generated so easier to see in PRs and VSCode
  • enums are now prefixed with schemaName
  • change id field in edit and delete graphql mutations from fooID to id
  • and more

Migration steps

  • Run tests, tsc etc to make sure your schema/codebase is fine.
  • Update to latest version of graphql:
npm install graphql@16.5.0
  • Update to latest version of v0.1 ent:
npm install @snowtop/ent@0.1.0-alpha34
  • Update to latest version of any @snowtop/ent-x dependencies

May need to do all of them at once such as:

yarn add graphql@16.5.0 @snowtop/ent@0.1.0-alpha34 @snowtop/ent-email@0.1.0-alpha1 @snowtop/ent-graphql-tests@0.1.0-alpha3 --force
  • If using a custom base class that's not BaseEntSchema or BaseEntSchemaWithTZ, implement your new version of the class, we'll pass that to a migration script later.

  • Remove the .ent file

rm -rf .ent
  • pull latest version of docker image
docker pull
  • Update develop.Dockerfile and/or Dockerfile to get the latest docker image.
  • Rebuild the docker image
npm run rebuild-image
  • Commit your changes so you can easily see/revert migration changes:
git commit --all -m "stash"
  • Run the migration script:

    • If no custom base schema class:

        docker-compose -f run --rm app tsent migrate_v0.1
    • If custom base schema class

      docker-compose -f run --rm app tsent migrate_v0.1 --old_base_class BaseFooSchema --new_schema_class FooSchema  --transform_path ./base
  • If no errors, commit your changes

git add . && git commit --all -m "migration changes"
  • Fix rest of your custom code until tsc is happy and tests pass


  1. Changeset no longer templated. Any references to it must be fixed.
  2. Fix any broken imports in src/schema if you reference another schema file or generated code.
  • If there were errors in the migration path, file a bug or see if there's anything you need to change in your code to make things work.

  • Recommend clearing all generated changes if attempting to change your code to prevent errors so you can commit those changes in isolation before running migration again

git checkout src
git clean -fd